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The price list quotes are per area and include pre- inspection for pet stains. 1) pre-vacuum, 2) pre-spray with hydro force spray and professional solutions 3) agitation 4) steam clean carpet and extract dirt out the carpet and into a waste tank located in my van. 5) clean base boards. The Prices are for average size bed rooms, living or dinning rooms. (A Area is consider under 200 square feet) . A minimum of $80.00 worth of work is required to set up a appointment.

Carpet Cleaning

2 Areas $80.00

3 Areas $120.00

4 Areas $160.00

5 Areas or more negotiable

Hall ways $5- $25.00 depends on size.

Large master bed closets $10.00

Pet Odor Enzyme $20.00 per area

Scotch Guard $25.00 per area

Upholstery ($10 a linear foot)

Love seat $55.00

Couch $75.00

Recliner $55.00 each

Sectional $120.00 each

Ottomans $35.00 each

Dinning chairs $10.00 each

Grout and tile $0.45 sq. ft.

Sealer $0.35 sq. ft.